Friday, October 7, 2016

Cloud Of Silence

Cloud Of Silence is a digital record label founded to release & promote qualitative progressive house, deep house, minimal & techno music. Our songs are supported by some well-known DJs, such as Carl Cox, Eelke Kleijn, Daniel Portman, Luke Porter, Claes Rosén, Darin Epsilon, Gramophonedzie, Liluca, Taucher... We currently have more than 200 releases out on major digital stores, such as Beatport, iTunes, JunoDownload, Amazon, TrackItDown...

If you have unsigned songs which you would like to release on our label, send us your demos following these rules:
  • Songs must be in mp3 format
  • Song quality must be at least 192kbps, though 320 is suggested
  • Tracks MUST NOT be attached to email. If you don’t have direct link, then use ), ) or some other similar service
  • We can accept only full songs, not cuts, or links for previews
  • Make sure to give us some info about you, such as short biography, Facebook fan page link, SoundCloud or link to your website
  • Send your demos to

What we can offer you:
  • Your song will be out on Beatport as an exclusive release and two weeks after that it will be available on all other major digital stores, such as iTunes, JunoDownload, TrackItDown, Amazon and many others, and on popular streaming services like Spotify, Deezer, Tidal...
  • Vinyl release (optional)
  • CD (optional)
  • Audio cassette (optional)
  • Non-exclusive contract, so that you can release your songs again on some compilations in future
  • Free cover design
  • Free mastering
  • A chance to be featured on our official monthly podcast on MixCloud
  • A chance to be a part of genre based VA compilations on Rimoshee Production record labels
  • A chance to be a part of genre based VA compilations on Shami Media Group record labels
  • YouTube promotion with animated video
  • ZipDJ Promo Pool promotion
  • iDJPool promotion
  • BPM Supreme record pool promotion
  • DJ City record pool promotion
  • Direct Music Service record pool promotion
  • CD Pool promotion
  • Promo Only record pool promotion
  • MyMP3Pool promotion
  • Late Night Record Pool promotion
  • CrateConnect Record Pool promotion
  • SoundCloud promotion
  • Discogs promotion
  • Release promotion on our official website, Facebook, Twitter, our big newsletter list and on many music websites, forums and blogs
  • Your release will also be sent to our big promo list of DJs and radio stations, so they can promote it on gigs, radio shows, podcasts, mixes...
  • Lossless backup of your release, so that we can recover your release if you lose your data somehow ( but always do backup yourself! )

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